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This article covers everything that the 666 Devil Dog Officer Corps should cover with new members while completing their New Dog Talk.

The Code of Conduct

  • Code of Conduct items for in game & forums (Team Killing, griefing, exploits, Trolling, flaming, etc.)
  • Morale and You – Don’t be a dick, be a team player, and have fun!!!

TeamSpeak 3

666th TS3 Channel Layout

  • What is "Command Center - RO & OQ Required"
  • Ops versus Non Ops Channels
  • Officer Division Assignment is identified by an icon next to their ranks on TeamSpeak.

Basic Protocols and SOP

  • Squad Leader is in charge regardless of rank.
  • Battle Coms – Keep comms to the task at hand
  • Basic Channel Protocol – Who is in charge and what to expect
  • Joining a Squad (proper method) - Correct way to join a squad is to first join the TS channel and then join the squad in game.

Optional: Squad Leader, Radio Ops

  • Show them where to find the instructions for Radio Operations and [optional] assist them in setting it up.
  • SL and RO uses and protocol – The “Hey you, it’s Me” method and keeping it short and sweet…

666th Divisions & Tactics

  • EVILPIG is the Leader of the 666th...
  • Encouraged to play with and test out all 666th Divisions...


Hammer is Infantry-centric, but not "Infantry only". We use FLEX tactics, such as pulling tanks to deal with an enemy armor column. Hammer is the Heart of the Fight for the Devil Dogs. As the largest division, Hammer is designed not only to FLEX in-game (tanks, harasser mobs, etc...) it is also designed to FLEX in size, taking the newest members of the outfit if they are not sure where exactly they want to go first.


Armor rolls hard and rolls deep. Makes use primarily of Vanguards and ammo/rep sundies, but our armor team uses Lightnings and MAXes too. We've yet to find something on the ground that Armor can't take care of - they are called in when Hammer needs an extra hand getting a foothold. Hammer and Armor often work together very closely.

Air Wing

Air Wing is one of the most essential sections of the Outfit, and a force multiplier. Sure, you can have 100 tanks, but what good are they if the enemy has air dominance? That's where we step in. Tasked with air superiority and air-based strikes, the air wing flies with class and skill. Never flown a plane before? Looking to learn? We can help you out. This post is filled with invaluable information that will help you understand what the Air Wing does and what we're about. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Air Wing Commander or any of the Air Wing NCOs!


Shadow is the special operations section of the 666th Devil Dogs. Your typical Shadow squad handles a wide variety of tasks, including overwatch and counter-sniper work, scouting, adjacency capping, base preparation, back-hacking, spotter work or forward observation for Air team, general harassment, and basically any other task Command needs done.


RRT is Command's bitch; they go and do what command wants, when Command wants it, period. RRT moves very quickly, and if you fall behind often you may be asked to pick up the pace or leave. RRT avoids large battles unless it conflicts with orders from Command, because they -CREATE- large battles. RRT uses speed/surprise to attain diversion/distraction. Main goal is to redirect as much of the enemy force as possible from Hammer's AO. May even go to a different continent and flip as many hexes to help Command's end goal. Do not worry about K/D here...you'll kill a lot, but you'll probably die more. (Updated by ZomBot on 3/26)


Anvil organizes "public" forces into one or more platoons and moves them in coordination with the core 666th Divisions. They may be directed to different targets or utilized directly supporting the 666th. Aside from fun for our members who love organizing the masses, Anvil serves two additional functions. The first is it's an excellent recruiting tool for the outfit. The second is it brings organization to the otherwise disorganized.


Directing the outfit on "Ops".

  • More information on each division and their tactics are available on the forums
  • Ask the new Dog what Division appeals to them or where they'd like to start....

666th Structure and Ranks

Squad and Platoon Leading

Encouraged but not required - Anyone can lead, but attending the division's training and Squad Leader training is strongly encouraged.

Ranks & Promotions

They are "fake" ranks and the officer ranks only serve to denote function within the outfit (more information below if the member asks). Please do not ask for promotions!!! Officers are always on the lookout for Devil Dog members who are actively playing the game, contributing in the forums, and working with fellow Devil Dogs. We’re not about lone wolf style game play (Because really what is the point of being in the outfit then). We are however about cohesion, organization, and communication to make an extremely effective multi tiered fighting force. When a member is promoted, it is often due to them showing many of the following knowledge, skills, and abilities.

The Forums, Calendar, and Other Stuffs

  • Saturday Ops Rally! Every Saturday @ Noon PST.
  • Training - Quick overview of training offered
  • Mentorship Program - Hook up with an experienced Devil Dog!
  • FORUMS... FORUMS... FORUMS... Get them to the FORUMS!!!! And the Wiki!
  • Devil Dog Association with GamesFanShop: http://www.gamefanshop.com/partner-DevilDogs666th/ - Games fan shop provides an Amazon affiliation program where we get commissions through members purchasing discounted game titles through our partner site.

Last but not least

  • Invite them into the Outfit in-game - If you are unable to do this, please poke another Officer who is in game who can. This step is CRITICAL
  • Show them how to filter for the Outfit Squads
  • Any questions?
  • If they are ready to play, drop them into a TS channel of the division they'd like to play... Make sure to introduce them!
  • Post in the NDT completion thread "NDT for <player> completed <date>, invited in-game"