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What is Shadow?

Shadow is a special operations division of the 666th Devil Dogs Combined Arms force. Shadow members specialize in using their class of character for Preemptive Asset Denial (PADding or P.A.D.). Shadow members also practice rapid maneuverability, allowing a Shadow team to be relocated quickly to prepare a base for assault.

Preemptive Asset Denial (PADding)

PADding focuses on denying opposing factions operational maneuverability to exponentially increase the effectiveness of allied assets. PADding can be most simply described in three parts:

  1. Overwatch
  2. Target Interdiction
  3. Asset Denial


Overwatch is the practice of positioning a Shadow team to create a good environment for sniping and reconnaissance. Shadow teams in an overwatch position will sight and report enemy positions, engage enemy positions as necessary, and may switch roles to target interdiction or asset denial.

Target Interdiction

Target interdiction is the practice of destroying high priority targets such as Sunderers, Spawn Beacons, enemy area denial squads, and the like. There are no "standard" ways of destroying high priority targets in Shadow, but common practices include C4 deployment, Tank Mine deployment, EMP Grenades, and setting up sniper/overwatch positions.

Asset Denial

Asset denial is the practice of disabling enemy assets to prevent their use against allied forces or to allow those assets to be used by friendly forces. Disabling assets includes destruction or hacking of those assets as appropriate. Shadow teams practice rapid capturing or destruction of enemy assets, such as turrets and terminals, at all facilities.