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RRT Mission Statement:

An expert in short-notice combat deployments, the RRT Division is a rapidly deployable strike force. RRT utilizes specialized skills that enable it to engage in a variety of missions that include single objective operations, enemy seek & destroy missions, key objective defense and support of Hammer, Armor, and Air. RRT specializes in any mission requiring a cohesive, competent, disciplined, playstyle to ensure the precise application of combat power.

What is RRT

The Rapid Response Team is a special ops team within the 666th Devil Dogs Combined Arms force. Our primary objective is to disrupt the enemy and pull them away from our larger forces. We specialize in reconfiguring the map to enable friendly forces to move towards their objectives.

  1. RRT is comprised of a maximum of two independent squads that specialize in small-unit tactics with emphasis on speed and discipline
  2. RRT regularly operates without support from other units and must be self-sustaining
  3. Command can redirect RRT to quickly spearhead a stalemate, defend a priority objective, support another Division or operate “off leash” according to the Division’s prime directive to disrupt and divert enemy forces.

Divisional Policies

(For more information see Policies (RRT))

In addition to the Outfit Code of Conduct, RRT maintains it's own code of conduct to ensure division cohesiveness.


(For more information see: Tactics (RRT))

RRT utilizes many tactics from the basic point defense to the advanced MAX Phalanx and provides several training courses to teach all of the commonly used tactics.

Basic Certifications

These are certifications (hereafter “certs”) that you should be striving towards early on when running with RRT.

  1. Spawn Beacon
  2. AMS (Sunderer)
  • Note: It is highly desirable that everyone invest in the maximum rank of Spawn Beacon, as it is our primary deployment technique.

Class and Vehicle Certification Loadouts

General Guidelines

  • The first Rin RRT means rapid. When an order is given execute it immediately. Redeploy now does not mean chase one more kill
  • When practical, go with an HSNV scope on your primary weapon. RRT uses smoke regularly in tight quarters, so you may be blind without it
  • Most of your combat is going to be between 5 and 25 meters unless a FLEX tactic is called (MAD, Harassers, FOB, etc). Plan your weapon selection accordingly
  • While on point, RRT usually wants the enemy to know they are there to draw attention. While en-route to a point, RRT usually wants to remain hidden
  • Orders regularly change while out in the field with no way to re-fit and re-arm. Plan your build to be flexible
  • Stay together, stay together, stay together. Did I mention your squad should stay together?

Specific Certification Guides

(For more information see Certification Guides (RRT))

RRT does not require specific classes to have specific certifications but these guides will show you what is recommended in order to excel in RRT with a given class. It is advised that you choose a path and invest accordingly. If you have questions about how to spend your certs, ask any RRT Officer or Warrant Officer who can assist you. Note that Planetside 2 is constantly changing so it is best to recheck this documentation before spending a lot of certs in one go.


RRT currently offers the following courses:

RRT Basic Course

This course is the introductory course for the Division. Fundamental operating procedures, tactics, and expectations are outlined in this course. Students will learn how RRT operates and will take part in a capstone exercise to gain practical field experience. Successful completion of this course and CapEx awards the RRT Basic Training Ribbon.

RRT Advanced Course

This course goes into depth on the current tactics being used in the field by RRT squads. Students will learn, experience, and master topics that include

  • Tactics
  • Vehicle Ops in RRT
    • Sunderer use and fire support
    • Harasser tactics
  • Flight Ops in RRT
    • Galaxy piloting & fire support
    • Reaver scouting and bacon
  • Class-specific curriculum

RRT Advanced is an on-going course, and the Division leadership will award the RRT Advanced Training Ribbon when they feel a student has completed all necessary modules and shows extensive knowledge of doing so while playing in game.

RRT Leadership Training Course

This course will cover leadership methods particular to RRT, which include small-unit tactics, how to operate off the leash, command expectations of RRT, and how to facilitate the fun while completing our objectives. Successful completion of this course will award the RRT Leadership Ribbon.

  • Note: The RRT Squad Leader Ribbon is ALSO SHARED with the regular Squad Leader trained ribbon. If you attended the course and did not receive the ribbon, it is because you have previously taken a Squad Leader training, HOWEVER, the reason for your ribbon will also state that you have been RRT Squad Leader Trained.

Radio Operator Course

This common-pool course will teach students how to conduct radio operations on behalf of RRT within the Command structure of the Outfit. Topics include radio protocol, how to set-up Radio Ops, and responsibilities of a Radio Operator Successful completion of this course awards the Radio Trained Ribbon.

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