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As Devil Dogs, our #1 goal is to have as much fun as possible while killing as many VS and TR as we can. With such a large group, it's important that we have some structure in place. The intention of this structure is twofold. The first is to lay out responsibility as it relates to outfit management, and the second is to recognize members who choose to contribute above and beyond just shooting stuff in the face. That said, if all you want to do is shoot stuff in the face, then you are near and dear to ALL of our hearts, for, without you, we would be nothing.... If you choose to lead operational units, contribute constructively in the forums, work with the Media team with streaming, etc., then you may be recognized for such contributions in the form of ribbons, and rank (outlined below) if you step up and lead. Rank is not about status or accomplishment or how cool you are, it is earned by demonstrating exceptional leadership and contributions, and retained by fulfilling the obligations and responsibilities assigned to it. If you are not capable of meeting those requirements of whatever rank you currently hold THAT IS NOT A BIG DEAL! Take a step back, it's just a game and the rank is made up, you'll always be a Devil Dog!

Just one thing to keep in mind as you read this... If you are interested in contributing to the outfit in the capacity of an officer, play the game, follow the CoC, and, most of all, be yourself, but please do not ask for promotions.

To clarify what each of the ranks in the 666th Devil Dogs represent, the Senior Officers from all of the divisions updated and expanded the definition/qualification for each of the ranks. If you have any questions about ranks in general, please contact one of the officers within the division you consider your "main" division. If you are not sure, pick an officer and shoot them a PM!

666th Devil Dogs Outfit Ranks

Outfit Membership Corps

You are here to play and have fun. The only ask is that you follow the CoC, have fun and kill all the VS and TR you can!

  • Private.png (PVT) Private - The rank of Private denotes 666th Devil Dog Members.... You rock and are what make the 666th such a great outfit!!! Get a gun go kill shit. Log into TeamSpeak while playing, join a squad in on of the opers divisions or just hang in one of the non-ops channels for random gameplay and/or science. Attend Saturday Rally (best effort), read forums once a week for major announcements, giveaways and whatnot. Obey the Code of Conduct (CoC). Don't be dick, follow your squad leader's orders and obey clear comms and battle comms. You can lead a squad, platoon or run command (from platoon - running command from the Command channel requires Ops Certification or Officer rank) except on designated ops times. Vacate SL/PL if requested by an Officer.

Outfit NCO Corps

The NCO Corps is comprised of the ranks of Corporal, Sergeant, and Staff Sergeant. All NCOs are LEADERS! The term NCO stands for Non-Commissioned Officer, as borrowed from mostly-western militaries. All NCO ranks may participate in the NCO Corps, though it is not required.

  • Corporal.png (CPL) Corporal - The rank of Corporal denotes Members, as recognized by an Officer, due to their willingness to step up and contribute in and out of the game. They are the members that regularly jump in and/or volunteer to run squads and DO NOT SUCK at it. It is also recommended that Corporals attend Squad Leader and Basic Infantry training, as well as division specific courses offered by the other divisions. Corporal is the first NCO rank and as such they may participate in the NCO Corps.
    • HAMMER: The Corporal rank is earned by members who have picked up the mantle of leadership at the squad level and possibly at platoon. Corporals are recognized as being competent squad leaders and are willing to step up to lead when the current SL has to leave.
    • ARMOR: Corporals in the Armor division demonstrate the capability and drive to lead Armor squads. They are exceptional and knowledgeable members who are consistently helpful to the division. Generally, Armor Corporals have completed and are familiar with Armor Basic Training.
    • AIR: Members who have demonstrated competence in flying, in squad communication, radio operation, and following general Air Wing SOP. Air NCOs may mentor and train new pilots in place of leading squads.
    • RRT: RRT Corporals are members of the outfit who have completed basic Devil Dog Trainings as well as RRT Basic Training. They show the initiative to lead squads effectively and are expected to do so.

  • Staff-sergeant.png (SGT) Sergeant - The rank of Sergeant denotes members (promoted from Corporal) who are EXCEPTIONAL and CREATIVE when leading. Squad and Platoon leaders shouldn't just allow up to 48 Dogs to continually bash their heads against zerg after zerg. "Out of the box" thinking to kill the enemy quickly and in a fun way is what we are after! Dynamic and eccentric game play is encouraged as well. Sergeants are encouraged to participate in the actively in the NCO Corps.
    • HAMMER: Sergeants are competent and capable leaders, constantly stepping up to squad and platoon lead. A Hammer Sergeant is not still "learning the ropes" of leadership at the squad level -- they should be able to step into the SL position and know what they're doing without guidance.
    • ARMOR: A rank reserved for our seasoned veterans and impact players. Sergeants are expected to show talent at leading in Armor division, and should be doing so often. Ideal sergeants are on the officer watch list and should be actively honing their leadership skills.
    • AIR: The Sergeant rank denotes individuals observed as being exceptional squad/platoon leaders, assistant leaders, or mentors to new pilots. Air NCOs may mentor and train new pilots in place of leading squads.
    • RRT: Sergeants have attended RRT training and have demonstrated understanding that RRT is "Command's Bitch". They have also demonstrated the ability to lead and maintain control of an RRT Squad, as well as mentoring other Devil Dogs.
    • SHADOW: A Sergeant is required to know the basics of Shadow Division Operations, has attended the basic Shadow Training, and is capable of leading a Shadow Squad.

  • Staff-sergeant.png (SSG) Staff Sergeant - Staff Sergeants are division-NCO's, promoted from Sergeant, who perform specific duties, other than in-game leading, as designated by their division CO or XO.
    • HAMMER: Staff Sergeants in Hammer are promoted from SGT, as they begin to look at taking on responsibilities beyond in-game leading. Specific positions include certified instructors and NCOICs (NCO in charge) of the Squad Leader and Platoon Leader training programs. Other positions may become available in the future, standby for more...
    • ARMOR: The rank of Staff Sergeant denotes an Armor division Sergeant that has risen beyond his call to lead and begun accepting additional duties to assist the Armor Officers. Most Staff Sergeants serve as training assistants and Mentors to Armor division members, sharing their accumulated knowledge of tanks with those that seek it. They are also expected to continue to lead in Armor and work as champions of the CoC.
    • RRT: A staff sergeant from RRT is an exceptional leader that goes above and beyond the call of duty. They work directly with the RRT officer corps to conduct trainings, create useful documents, and mentor new members. These individuals hold up the CoC and make the division and the outfit an even better gaming community.

  • Chief-warrant-officer-2.png (WO) Warrant Officer Special Rank - The WO rank does not carry with it the same management requirements of the Officer ranks in the Leadership Corps below. WO is for Officers who resign their position within their division due to lack of time, real life issues, etc. This is a game, and we do not want to punish officers who have real life commitments keeping them from the game and the outfit. Division Commanding Officers and Major Generals are able to reassign Officers within their division to WO, as long as they are in good standing with the CoC.
    • HAMMER: The rank of WO is a placeholder rank in Hammer. This spot is reserved for Hammer Officers who are unable to maintain active status, but who plan on returning to active status in the not-too-terribly-distant future.
    • ARMOR: Warrant Officer is a rank reserved for Armor Officers who wish to continue to contribute to the division, but do not have the availability for a held officer position due to real-life obligations.

Outfit Officer Corps

Officers are members who are also tasked with the day-to-day running of the Outfit and enforcing the CoC. Officers ensure that, when members log on, the lights are on and the fun is flowing! Every Officer in the 666th Devil Dogs is a Mentor. As such, they assist all members in every facet of being a Devil Dog from developing and conducting training sessions to providing mentorship within squads and platoons. The Officer Corps leads their respective divisions during Saturday Ops. Officers are also tasked with welcoming New Dogs when they first log into TeamSpeak and adding them to our roster in game.

  • Lieutenant.png (LT) Lieutenant - The rank of Lieutenant denotes Members (promoted from Sergeant or Staff Sergeant) who routinely demonstrate character becoming of the outfit. Like Sergeants, Lieutenants are EXCEPTIONAL and CREATIVE when running Squads AND Platoons, and are also excellent mentors. Lieutenants should maintain an even balance between leading and mentoring while playing "above the line". Lieutenants are expected to keep a level head, are the first escalation for members when there is an issue. Lieutenants assist Captains in developing/leading divisional training and are expected to play with their division the majority of their time "above the line".
    • HAMMER: Lieutenants provide coaching to members who step up and lead, as well as leading by example. Hammer LT's should be competent and capable leaders at both the squad AND platoon level. Hammer Lieutenants are encouraged to pursue Ops training and certification. Hammer LT's will also volunteer for an instructor position in one of the IET or Hammer training programs.
    • ARMOR: Lieutenants of the 666th Armor Regiment possess an aptitude for communication and leadership. They actively take-up the roles as radio operators, squad leaders and platoon leaders. They are Op’s certified or better be soon (you know who you are!) Their secondary function is to assist the captains. A lieutenant can expect to have captains delegate various responsibilities to them on a regular basis (Training, administrative work, recruitment, etc…)
    • AIR: Lieutenants are expected to lead squads/platoons. These individuals understand Air tactics and their proper application. They've demonstrated exceptional control over their squads and show the ability to organize and execute. They also conduct 1 on 1 training and mentorship of division members/regulars.
    • RRT: Lieutenants of RRT are expected to lead squads, foster leadership and initiative in our members, and offer immediate direction and objectives on the field of battle when Command is absent or otherwise occupied with other Divisions. As RRT tends to focus on secondary and tertiary objectives, an understanding of how to prioritize objectives is essential. Additionally, Lieutenants must know how to properly cook bacon.
    • SHADOW: A Lieutenant is expected to lead squads regularly, and has a firm grasp on all Shadow operations. These individuals are also expected to assist with Captains with training, and are qualified to mentor those new to Shadow.

  • Captain.png (CPT) Captain - The rank of Captain is given to Lieutenants who routinely demonstrate, not only conduct becoming the outfit, but also show leadership among leaders. Captains are expected to mentor the Membership Corps and Lieutenants. They assist the Division CO/XO implementing tactics/strategy, as well as, leading training/procedural development. Captains are also the primary forum moderators, and should play with their division the majority of their time "above the line".
    • NOTE: Captains also serve as Executive Officers [XO] of non-operational divisions.
    • HAMMER: Hammer Captains should be the embodiment of Hammer. Hammer Captains are expected to be certified instructors at the very least, if not OIC, of one of the IET or Hammer training programs. Hammer Captains may be looking at the Senior Officer level before long, should a position become vacant.
    • ARMOR: Captains in the 666th Armor Regiment are charismatic leaders (running platoon/operations), instructors (hosting bi-weekly training sessions), motivators (making sure everyone is enjoying their gaming experience), administrators (moderating the armor forum and guides), and recruiters (actively looking for new talent to join our ranks). Our captains don’t put in the extra time for recognition, glory, or authority; they selflessly dedicate themselves because they desire to see the 666th Armor Regiment and its members achieve their highest potential. They are easily the hardest working members we have and are the primary reason for our success.
    • AIR: Captains are expected to lead squads/platoons. These individuals understand Air tactics and their proper application, have demonstrated exceptional control over their squads, and show the ability to organize and execute. Air Captains also oversee division training, develop new training courses/techniques, and mentor division members and regulars. Lastly, Captains enforce the division SOP and are tasked with ensuring that the squads are operating at peak performance. Other assignments may be delegated from the division XO/CO.
    • RRT: In addition to the commitments required by a Lieutenant, Captains in RRT are expected to oversee training, enforce the RRT SOP, and to ensure that fun is being had in an orderly fashion.
    • SHADOW: A Captain is expected to lead squads during official operations. They also are responsible for leading training, as well as developing new training courses. These individuals think outside of the box, and are innovative in their tactics and leadership style.

  • Major.png (MAJ) Major - Serves as Division Executive Officer [XO] and are considered Senior Officers. They work with the Division CO and Major Generals ensuring the division stays the course. Issues are escalated to Majors, by Captains and Lieutenants, when more than just a warning/discussion is required to resolve. Majors are encouraged to lead squads and platoons when they can, but they should be serving as observers and mentors to ensure their division is on track. As Senior Officers, Majors are also expected to interview applicants who are under the age of 18 to ensure they are mature enough to be members of the 666th Devil Dogs. Expected to be Ops qualified if XO of an Operational Division, and may work with the Partners in the UCA as well.

  • Colonel.png (COL) Colonel - Serves as Division Commanding Officer [CO]. Sets the ground rules for their division, and has the final say in divisional matters. Leads division when online, and is encouraged to run in other divisions. Reviews applications to the 666th (in the forums) and approves if criteria is met. Works with 666th partners in the UCA, and encourage/seek out ways and demonstrate the sheer epicness off the 666th to the public. Expected to be Ops Qualified and run Ops regularly from their division or from "Command Center".

  • CommunityManager.png(DIR) Director - Serve as community manager for a specific game, and oversees any and all major changes that take place within the 666th for said game.

  • General.png (EXEC) Executive - General oversight of the 666th at the Commandants command. Encouraged to play in all divisions as frontline dogs and to run Ops from the "Command Center". Executives settle all disputes among the 666th that cannot be handled swiftly at the divisional level or that requires dismissal from the outfit. Works with 666th partners in the UCA, and encourage/seek out ways and demonstrate the sheer epicness off the 666th to the public. And everything else that is not mentioned and/or that the Commandant needs done....

  • Commandant.png (PIG) Commandant - God on Auraxis (a.k.a. EVILPIG)....