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The Code of Conduct is what separates the DevilDogs from other outfits on Connery. As a member of the 666 you are expected to adhere to the CoC at all times, whether in game, on our forums, or even in public places like Reddit or the official SOE forums. As Devil Dogs, we share the nickname of the United States Marine Corps.(1) We expect all members to uphold the honor that our name carries.

Below is a list of requirements, expectations and some standard operating procedures that will facilitate our ability to function as a cohesive combat force.

Be Civil

  1. Be civil and show respect to all players, whether they befriend or foe.
    1. Act with maturity towards all outfit members, allies, and opponents, both on the field and on forums.
    2. All outfit members should be shown respect, and the "rank" or divisional affiliation of a member shouldn't effect your respect shown to them.

Keep Disagreements Private

  1. Disagreements should be kept from public channels, and resolved maturely.
    1. We understand that this is an intense game, and all players are human, but when an argument happens, let it go.
    2. If discussion is needed to resolve a personal disagreement, use private methods to do so. Use PM's on the forums, in-game tells (/t or /w followed by playername followed by message), or a private conversation in TS to resolve issues. Forum posts, /outfit chat in-game, and occupied TS channels are NOT private methods, and constitute a violation of the CoC.
    3. Bring issues up the chain of command if attempts at resolution fail.

No Team Killing

  1. NEVER intentionally kill, harm or impede ANY New Conglomerate forces, for any reason.
    1. DO NOT RETALIATE if teamkilled.
    2. Retaliation only perpetuates TK'ing and makes you and the 666th look bad. Other players observing may not have seen the events preceding and will ONLY see you killing a teammate. This affects the perception of the entire outfit, so save the bullets for the TR and VS.
    3. Intra-outfit live fire training or special events are the only exceptions to our TK rules.

Apologize for Accidental TKs

  1. If you accidentally kill an ally, APOLOGIZE promptly via PM and/or voice macro.
    1. Apologizing will alleviate many problems. You should ideally private message them as soon as you can.
    2. To send a PM, type /t or /w followed by their name, then the message. The "V+8" voice macro can work if in a rush, but is not ideal.
    3. If you find yourself causing friendly-fire incidents often, please BE MORE CAREFUL.
    4. If you can't drive without running people over, you don't belong behind the wheel. If you can't use grenades or rockets without killing friendly troops, you need to learn how to use those weapons properly.

Follow the Squad Leader

  1. If you join a squad, promptly follow the orders of your squad leader, and be with the squad in TeamSpeak.
    1. The PlanetSide experience is best when we are functioning as a coordinated, cohesive force. Following orders is one of the many challenges of being in a squad, but leads to group success.
    2. Orders are not issued because we want to tell people what to do, they are given so that the overall objectives are achieved and so that we can succeed as an outfit, and ultimately, an empire.
    3. Always keep in mind that commanders put a lot of effort into monitoring "the big picture". Even tasks which may seem hopeless or unwinnable to the individual do contribute to the greater good by drawing enemy assets off of another target.
    4. Accept the challenges of the role you play, and do your best to follow orders. Do not be insubordinate in public. If you cannot fulfill your orders or do not agree with them, send your squad leader a PM.
    5. You should also remain positive when within squads... We're here to have fun, so avoid complaining and negativity. Stay with your squad, and help keep your squad effective and together.
    6. The SL should be followed and respected regardless of their "rank" in the outfit, and stepping up to lead is encouraged.
      1. You are not required to join a squad, and we have non-ops channels.

Play with Honor

  1. Play the game with honor and good sportsmanship.
    1. We will not tolerate cheating, hacking, griefing, exploiting, malicious glitching, stat padding, scamming, use of sketchy programs to interfere with the game to gain an advantage, violating SOE's ToS/RoC, or similar acts. This applies in other games we play together as well.
    2. If we find sufficient evidence of a member committing the aforementioned acts, the member will likely be banned from the outfit, depending on the offense.

Enforce the CoC

  1. Please help enforce the CoC, and inform the Officer Corps of issues.
    1. If we hear of problems, we will gather evidence, and if we determine a violation has occurred, we will take steps to resolve it...
    2. Violations of the CoC will result in a discussion or warning at the least. Repeated or especially egregious violations will result in further consequences, such as suspension or banning.

See also 1.