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Armor is mobile firepower. We engage enemy infantry, armor, as well as air with efficiency and overwhelming force. It is our job to pave the way for other divisions, primarily Hammer and other allied infantry. Armor is effective at locking down spawn rooms, sweeping bases, in addition to general area engagement. The 666th Armor Division uses superior tactics to both destroy our enemies and increase the lifespan of our own members. Put simply, Armor is much more effective with greater numbers.

What is Armor?

Armor teams come in many shapes and sizes but our primary objective is always to put the most amount of firepower in a concentrated location. Armor never charges headlong into the enemy; instead, we prefer to out flank opponents and attack in force

  1. Armor division can be effective with anything from half a squad to a full platoon of players.
  2. Armor always work in cohesion with the other divisions even if not in the same AO.
  3. Armor is slow. So we tend to stay on the same lattice line, but should the need arise, we will ditch our vehicles to support our brothers.
  4. Vanguards will not be the only vehicles in Armor; we also deploy Lightnings, Sundies, Harrassers, Reavers, and even Maxes.

Divisional Policies

Being behind a Titan-150 cannon can lead to temptation involving the destruction of friendly vehicles. Nonetheless, all Armor players will obey the Code of Conduct.


(For more information see: Tactics (Armor))

Armor employs many tactics that involve more than just tanks that can be organized by Squad Leaders.

Basic Certifications

(For more information see: Certification Guides (Armor))

Each player is encouraged to develop their own play style in Armor. However, we have compiled some suggested setups for various vehicles that may be helpful for beginning tankers.


Armor currently offers the following courses:

Armor Basic Training

This course provides a beginning tanker a wealth of helpful information that will allow them to kill more and live longer. The students will first learn frequently used Armor terminology; the best tactics to use when engaged in various situations; the strengths and weaknesses of the Vanguards, Lightnings, and Harassers; the reality of tank warfare in Planetside 2; and the common tactics that Armor will deploy. following the "classroom" portion of the training, which occurs in the VR room, students are encouraged to put their newly learned skills to work on the battlefield. Successfully completing this course results in the acquisition of the Armor Trained Ribbon.

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