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Air is the Rapid Response Team of the sky. We support through superior firepower. Our planes carry devastating firepower, coupled with our speed. We are the fastest force on Auraxis, able to destroy enemy targets before our ground troops arrive. Air is effective at shredding infantry, armor and key enemy targets. Air however, is ineffective if there are no ground troops to capture what's left.

What is Air?

Air Wing's essential role is always to support our troops on the ground. While we may be tasked ahead of the main force temporarily to soften a target location, the vast majority of our time is spent fighting directly above our ground divisions. There is little strategic value in bombing the snot out of an enemy base if we've no infantry teams coming to capture what's left of it. Our planes carry some of the most destructive weapons on and above the battlefield. Left unchecked, we can cut through entire platoons of enemy armor and lay waste to exposed infantry highlighted by the watchful eyes of our night vision and thermal scopes. Enemy aircraft harassing our ground forces are only a few Reavers away from being reduced to showers of molten slag. Failing to acknowledge and respond appropriately to the extreme threat Air Wing poses is a universally-fatal mistake.

We also carry the distinction of being the fastest force on Auraxis, allowing us to project that previously-mentioned lethality across great distances very quickly. When it comes to blowing things up, we are the Rapid Response Team of the skies with much bigger guns. Operating in the air grants us a unique attack angle afforded to no other division. We can strike at targets hidden from friendly ground forces by walls, gate shields, uneven terrain, and other obstacles. We assist advances across open ground by knocking out distant enemy anti-vehicle emplacements before they can destroy our exposed armor units and troop transports. Finally, while perhaps disadvantageous for furthering our own personal glory, our ability to prompt enemy force re-appropriation provides another means of support. An enemy who reconfigures itself for anti-air is an enemy less-equipped to defend against our infantry and armor teams. Sometimes, making an area wholly inhospitable for Air Wing is exactly the relief that the ground needs to break the enemy's defense.

Basic Certifications

(For more information see: Certification Guides (Air))


These are just basic guidelines on how your keybinds should be set, tweak to your personal preference.

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